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Kristi Acuña – Holistic Nutritionist in Newport Beach

Good health begins and ends with good nutrition.
The hustle and bustle mindset of our current society has resulted in a lot of “quick fixes” in the form of fast food, processed “on the go” food choices, and pills that only suppress the symptoms of a larger problem. These changes may be more convenient for us, but unfortunately, serious problems such as obesity, diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular disease, digestion problems, food allergies and sensitivities, infertility, and hormonal imbalances are now plaguing our lives and the lives of our loved ones.

The good news is, awareness and education are on the rise! More and more people are responding to these problems and refusing to become another statistic. Refusing to suffer another day.

You’re here because you’re one of those people. 

Are you surprised to learn that most illnesses we face can be improved with proper nutrition and nutritional supplements?

Kristi Acuña can help you address the above and other chronic ailments, as well as vitamin and mineral deficiencies and toxins in the body, through her Specialized Nutritional Program. And for those simply interested in prolonging life and avoiding chronic conditions, you’ve come to the right place too!

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Don’t let these conditions define you any longer – take charge of your health today!

Kristi has been practicing Holistic Nutrition for over 12 years in Newport Beach, CA. Add to her credentials and experience an unparalleled passion for her work. She believes with her heart and soul that your life can become richer, fuller, and more satisfying than ever before, once you hold the keys to your body’s nutritional needs.

Contact Kristi to get started today – she looks forward to meeting you!

Can you relate to any of the following?

✓ Fatique

✓ Overweight

✓ Skin Issues

✓ Insomnia

✓ Arthritis

✓ Food Allergies/Sensitivities

✓ Diabetes

✓ Crohn’s Disease

✓ Irritable Bowel Syndrome

✓ Chronic illness

✓ Constipation

✓ Heartburn

✓ Urinary Tract Infections

✓ Headaches

✓ Aging

✓ Stress

✓ Infertility

✓ Menopause/PMS symtoms

✓ Sinus infections

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, please call us, we can help!

"Kristi really knows her stuff! She has helped me with numerous health related issues over the years. She is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to eating right and cleansing your body. She deals with more complicated issues aside from just nutrition. 5 stars for sure!"

-Kate M., Laguna Hills