Meet Kristi

Meet Kristi Acuña

Many people come to Holistic Health in desperation. After numerous failed attempts at managing their conditions with conventional medicine, they are fed up and finally turn to an alternative, lesser known source for help. Some of those people are so changed by their experience with Holistic Health Care that their passion drives them to become a Holistic Health Practioner themselves. Kristi Acuña is one of those people.

Kristi’s Story

Kristi Acuña was born with a severe case of psoriasis – an autoimmune disease that causes red, patchy skin from head to toe. Her childhood was filled with frequent visits to pediatricians, dermatologists, and alternative health care practitioners to help cure – or at least control – her psoriasis. Each doctor visit became one disappointment after another, as all the medical professionals focused on treating her symptoms rather than getting to the root cause of the problem – what she was putting into her body. Consequently, all attempts failed.

After years of dealing with this unsightly and often painful disease, combined with taunting from her peers and classmates, Kristi’s self-esteem plummeted. Embarrassed and frustrated, Kristi wondered if she’d ever have a normal life.

When Kristi was 19 years old, her mother, a Registered Nurse for 27 years, studied to become a Traditional Naturopath. She was able to uncover the root cause of Kristi’s psoriasis and introduced her to a line of whole food supplements called Standard Process. The supplements and her new individualized nutrition plan cleared the psoriasis and gave Kristi a level of confidence she had never before experienced.

Holistic Nutrition gave Kristi back her LIFE.

Kristi’s Practice

Fueled by her gratitude for Holistic Nutrition and Standard Process’ amazing products, plus her desire to give others the gift of life and good health she has experienced, Kristi earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Holistic Nutrition from Clayton College of Natural Health in Birmingham, Alabama. She’s been practicing Holistic Nutrition for over 11 years in Newport Beach, CA.

Kristi’s main objective is to find the root cause of her clients’ ailments and address them through nutrition and supplements. She applies two techniques:

  • Applied Kinesiology – a system that evaluates the structural, chemical, and mental aspects of health using manual muscle testing; and
  • Foundational Evaluating – a physical examination by which a practitioner feels for inflammation and pressure in the body through palpation.

Kristi is a member of the International Foundation for Nutrition and Health (IFNH) and through it employs Nutritec, a software program which allows her to see clients from around the world. Through her online counseling, Kristi makes full use of her expertise by working directly with her clients, no matter where they are located, to customize dietary programs and cleanses that help them achieve optimal health.

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Kristi Gets Interviewed by Dr. Z

  Kristi’s Psoriasis: Before and After


Kristi’s psoriasis cleared after 8 months on her Holistic Nutrition plan!*